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with Lars Enarson

How to develop an effective, personal prayer life

“The end of all things is near. Therefore, be clear minded and self-controlled so that you can pray” (1 Pet 4:7).

An effective, personal prayer life is an absolute necessity in the end times. Thousands around the world have been helped and inspired by this practical teaching to develop a powerful prayer life. 

Prayer is working together with God to change the world around us. Nothing is impossible! 

Discover how the prayer of intercession works and how you can pray like Jesus prayed. The greatest revival in history is ahead of us. Every revival has always been preceded by persevering, intense prayer. God is looking for intercessors!

4 Sessions


Lesson 1: Why Pray?

Lesson 2: Fellowship With God
Lesson 3: The Prayer of Intercession
Lesson 4: You Can Pray Like Jesus

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Wh​at leaders are saying about the School of Prayer:

”Listening to Lars’ teaching in the School of Prayer, is a true inspiration. It is a fresh and transforming teaching from God's Word that gives faith to pray and joy to our prayer life. I strongly recommend this School of Prayer.

Founder of Nordic Prayer Network
Gunnar Brudeli, Norway

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 “The School of Prayer in our church was a very powerful experience. Lars has a clear understanding of our times, and the problems we face as a church and society, but he also carries a clear vision for how we can move forward through prayer. At the same time, the School of Prayer is very simple and practical. I give it my warmest recommendations!”

Pastor Ulrik Flinta,
Midtjyllands Frikirke,

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